16 septembre 2008

My first home made RC receiver

This is my very first home made RC receiver. It works on 2.4Ghz band, and can control up to 6 servos. It receives datas from the transmitter for servo position, but can also transmit back informations. As it is home made, it requires a special transmitter to work with. It keeps servo positions even if there is no transmitter. Later on fail safe will be added.

It is made with ready to use boards boards that you just need to fit together. There is no need to make PCB and solder components, just some soldering to adapt connections for the servos.
This is not yet a small receiver, but it can fit large models. It's about the size of the good old receiver that were made many years ago :). The next versions of the receiver will be smaller.

Here is small video showing servos moving around.

1 commentaire:

picasso.tease a dit…

Je réalise un peu le même style d'appli mais j'ai un souci sur mes servo :
- quand j'ai 1 servo branché tout est OK
- quand j'ai 2 servo branchés, le 2nd à tendance à trembler
Une idée de l'origine ?