23 août 2009

some thinking

Some more thought about what could be improved on most modern transmitters (including the nice new Robbe FX30):
* programming usability: Some functions you will never know what they are used for,
* no direct access to often used functions (on T12 you need to press 4 or 5times buttons just to change model),
* no global view on what's happening on a servo channel,
* limitations in switch cascading for timer function (on 12z you can't say stick high AND switch OFF = time start),
* can't have your own names for functions you like,
* lcd screen badly visible while flying, most have lcd below the stick median, no chance to look at it while flying without some gymnastic,
* simple way to tune model settings while flying,
* light and thin case for any style of pilot,
* talk when needed, useful for retransmission function: push a button and the radio will tell you the current receiver battery voltage, or give you an alarm when below some value, etc...
* a simple generic way to enter model settings with your own vocabulary