12 avril 2010

Some news about the project

It has been a while since I have updated the blog. In fact, I was waiting for a supplier to cut the aluminium plate for the transmitter. But unluckily, the supplier could'nt do the job after 3 months. This is a bad news :(. So I now have to find another solution, or do it myself (a good method also).

Meanwhile, I have been working on a PPM serializer for Mikrokopters. It is now finished and available in the shop "flash-rc". The PPM serializer allows to put 8 channel on one single wire for the Mikrokopter Flight Control.
This board can also be used for other purpose in electronics. It has:
- Port D and Port C protection with resistors
- Quartz 16 mhz
- voltage regulator (5v or 3.3v in option).

If you interested to know more about it, please contact me.

A picture of the prototype: