31 juillet 2017

TaranTitan: second version

I call it TaranTitan as it is started from ideas of the Tarantula printer and use the E3D Titan extruder.
The TitanAero is a direct extruder (no bowden) small and pretty light. It should bring only benefit to the quality of the print.  Based on my previous design Tarantula++obo, I made the follwing changes:

  • retrofit from 32 bits electronic to 8 bits (mks-sbase) to Mks-base 
  • retrofit the stepper motors from 0.9°/step to classic 1.8°/step
  • remove the external box and fix all electronic and Raspberry to the frame. This save a lot of space on my bench
  • replace the dual head extruder by a Titan Aero from E3D
  • improve the part which fix the Y axis to the frame
  • replace the  TFT32 by a graphic LCD display. It allows to see print progress even if print was launched from the raspberry.... the TFT32 does not
  • add some LEDS on both sides of the frame
  • simplify the Y-motor fix
  • replace power supply by a good meanswell 350w, much more silent that the Amazon power supply at 19$...
  • AND Finally, the most important change, use the new driver TMC2100 which are much more smooth and silent than previous driver used on the mks-sbase (drv8825)

The result is this 3D printer, which now provide very good quality prints  :)