14 avril 2017

Anet A8

Sompe pictures of the Anet A8, very good ratio quaility/prices, I paid it only 162€ transport included...


30 mars 2017

After winter Tarantula cleanup

ok, after one year of use and  improvement, I decided to go for a big cleanup of my Tarantula. So here the result: new corner junction, new dual Z motors , new Z screw for setting, lcd on top...

16 janvier 2017

Electronic box completed

Now completed, with the touch screen display, 

10 janvier 2017

Box for Printer3D electronic, work in progress

It is made of fiberglass 1.5mm (CNC cut) and PLA prints. Its dimensions allow to include a power sypply 350W (Amazon), a smoothieboard, and Raspberry for remote wontrol via wifi. Also a DC-DC converter has been added to power the Raspberry PI.  It includes also a 40x40 fan for cooling, and a LCD display.
Almost complete, now waiting the LCD display...