29 avril 2009

New toy

AVR 1280, more flash, more SDRAM, and best of all more IOs .... This is the Arduino Mega. Cool...

26 avril 2009

Radio Parameters settings

All the configuration parameters can now be configured through a command line from the PC. Open a terminal window, and set a parameter.

The design I choose intend to leave as much as possible flexibility to program a model. There is no preassociation of functions or mixers to any channel. Each possible function however has to be predefined, and is part of the software in the radio. For someone who knows a bit of programming, it is easy to add a new function which will do whatever you want, and can be assigned to almost anything.

Functions are splitted in that way:
- controls settings (stick, switch): ADC number, calibration values, ...)
- channel settings: they are split in two subcategories:
-- sigma: this is mixers (differential, snap, etc...) anything that need to sum the input from various sources, but does really change the unit of a value,
-- gamma: transform the value: this is sub trim, min pulse, max pulse, reverse, etc...)

All these functions ensure that the values entries from the stick or switch, are computed for the channel.

Okay, there are still a lot of missing stuff in the software such as "names" for every function, control, switch. This will be added later on, if there is any interest.

Here is below a video showing the configuration of the sub-trim for elevator, and then followed by a rate change of the snap function.
Look carefully the servo courses.