24 janvier 2010

Bending aluminium

To bend aluminium for the enclosure, I built a simple basic machine make with plywood and some metallic rigidifiers. With the tube installed, the round corner is 10mm radius, which is exactly what is need for the transmitter enclosure. The thickness of the alu should be less or equal than 1mm. Some pictures below:

Bending aluminum 2

The second corner:

18 janvier 2010


Some update about the enclosure: changes of the trim buttons, add holes for loudspeaker, reduce hole size for lcd and sticks, add logo. Top and bottom faces are made with aluminium.

13 janvier 2010


This is transmitter for next version of the radio. It is made with aluminium 10/10, bended on the side with a "tube" technique. I'll explain in more details how to this bending. The up and down side are made from pcb epoxy with soldered corners.

09 janvier 2010

Assan receiver channel output

Here is the ouptut of an Assan X8R6 receiver channel. The delay between pulse is 20msec, which is nice for most servos, and the max voltage is 3.4v. That may be unsufficient in some cases for old servos or regulator. Click on the picture for bigger image.