22 septembre 2017

Extruder tuning

After many test and trials, and with the help of Bondtech, I finally found the problem that was causing me some headaches....

Problem was this:

Then after I fixed it, the result was this:

Muuuuch better :)

The reason: My printer is using rails HIWIN. They are very good , but they bring more friction than wheels or long bearings.  So initially I got shift problems due to stepper missing steps. So I increased the power on all my stepper driver, from ~0.7v to 1.2v, including the Extruder driver... That was my   mistake....
The problem you see above come from a too high voltage of  the extruder (Nema 17/25mm) causing the bands with holes. The stepper was given for 700mA, and with 1.2v voltage on the stepper, current is over the limit.

Tha's set. For the pikachu Orange, now the voltage is set at 0.9v and result is far much better.

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