23 août 2017

Bed adherence

After years of using blue tape for bed adherence, I decided to try something else which do not make any mark below the print and which would work at least for PLA and PETG...
So, my friends of the Grenoble maker club, recommended me to try using mirror  with head spray. They advertise it me so well that I decided to try.

As I had some old mirrors around, with good  dimensions, I simply lay one done on the Tevo Tarantula aluminium bed (without the PEI) and fix it with clips. Then I spray the surface with hair spray .
That's all.

First test with PLA succeed with no problem, the bed was a 50°C, adherence was great , no warping nothing. After print is finished, then I needed to wait until the bed is completely cold, or put the mirror + parts  into a fridge. When cool the printer part can be very easily removed.

Then I tried exact same method with PETG, with bed heated at 75°. It also works great ! The part I tested was  7x5cm so not very large, but it worked fine. Same as for PLA, wait until the bed is completely cold to remove the printed part.

In addition, the mirror surface is perfect, and bed can then be easily leveled.
So all benefits, I think I  can now forget the blue tape ... ;)

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