30 septembre 2008

Transmitter prototype

The transmitter is an old Graupner D14 box, with its sticks. All the original electronic has been removed. The prototype has 4 channels, but more could be added, up to 6 or 8. The case is even too big for this electronic.
It has very simple programmation, as there is no possibility to change any setting in the transmitter, except by reprogramming the Arduino :) More possibility can be added later, but for now let's "keep it simple".

The Arduino boards and the Xbee shields fit tightly on the top of the case.

It is powered with 5 cells to get above 5V, as required by the Arduino. Transmission speed to the receiver is 38400 bds, which make the servo moves reasonably smoothly.

Next step is to finish up the prototype of the receiver, and do some more tuning in the software.

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