21 décembre 2008

Transmitter box

Sorry for the bad quality, it is still a very early draft.

I intend to make it as ergonomic as possible while keeping it simple. Both side are rounded to be confortable in hands, and below the low cover is embeded leaving some space for fingers.

As you can see, there is no trim. The idea is to use "auto trim" as described by jef raskin who pioneered the human-computer interface at Apple (not less!). The principle of autotrim is simple: move the stick in the position and press the button. Then release the stick. But problem of autotrim is their lack of accuracy when you need small changes. For that, the coding wheel (above the stick) can be used to control the small offsets. It will works like this: first select which trim you want to set, by pressing on of the button (corresponding stick must be released), and then fine tune the trim with the coding wheel. This is fairly simple and should be ergonomic, everything falling under the hand.

Between the sticks, there is the lcd display (The first version will probably have a smaller size than the one presented). The switches below the sticks, and the coding wheel will be input for the lcd. One or several leds above the lcd will monitor the battery status.

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