11 février 2016

Extra large 3D printer

Work in progress: starting the assembly on a big ultimaker like émoticône smile

Starting point was the ultimaker alu from thingiverse, and modified some parts (more than expected btw...). On the picture below, assembly is not complete, a second Z motor need stil to be added. Parts are here:


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Anonyme a dit…

Hi, in the past im build my first Ultimaker1 (bed size 230mmx150mmx180mm and right now my 3D Delta K800XL (dial 280mm) printer. Both printer works great. Im looks around for a 3D printer with a bed more than 450mm so i pick up your blog. Your 3D printer looks very good so im just wonder which size the aluminium parts have? From where you get the fiber glass bed? To you will share any information? regards

Obor a dit…

Hi, Thanks for your comment. I plan to put all together the materials list as soon as I have completed the build, and done some optimization about lenght. Currenly the usable bed size will be 550x300mm with two heat pad 300x300mm. Bigger size can be done ,but need the right heat pad. Fiberglass sheet comes from masterplatex.de in Germany.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for your answer. From masterplex i build my pertinax bed on both printer, it works great! Which alu-Profil you use? 20mmx20mm? Which outside size the Printer have? Regards

bauderline a dit…

Hi Obor,

I was looking at the stl files on thingverse, is the back part of the slider missing, I can only find one half ?

Thanks for posting this as well, very impressed with this project, will likely build one myself !

Merci !

Best regards, Peter.

Obor a dit…

There is no back part of the slider, it is symmetrical just print 2 identical parts and assemble them with screws.

Anonyme a dit…

Hello, can you specify the length of aluminum profiles?

Constanta Gravura a dit…

Can you specify the length of aluminum profiles?

Obor a dit…

Dimensions updated in thingiverse