21 octobre 2010

Converter I2C to PPM

This is a protocol converter for I2C to PPM. It allows the use of standard ESC controler on Mikrokopter or similar.

One of the major drawback of I2C currently, is in case of severe failure on one controller, you may impact all other controllers connected to the I2C bus and lost all motors.
Choosing PPM is more reliable, as each controller is connected separately, it may not interfere with others and reduce a lot the risk of loosing all motors. It allow also to use well proven standard controller with a wide range of choices.

- I2C input from Mikrokopter or similar Flight Control supporting same I2C protocol
- output PPM signal suitable to standards ESC motor controllers
- support 4 or 6 controller (8 controller version coming soon)
- optimized for Turnigy plush or TowerPro Mag8 (re-flashed for Fast PPM)
- smoother motor handling
- PPM frequencies available: 400 Hz (recommended), 200 Hz, 50 Hz (for standard servos)

Any ESC may not work good enough for smooth control on a multikopter. If unsure, tests to check both PPM frequency and motor reactivity.
Also, there is *no* feedback from the ESC to return current or temperature from the controllers, so information such as current consumption from the controllers will not be available anymore.

The version 4/6 from Flyboard is available here:

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