14 juillet 2009

Aerobatic glider and RCHv2

Yes.... that was the first flight with a more serious glider (jedi 4 home made), with 6 channels (2 ailerons + 2 flaps + elevator + rudder). The radio has been configured with several mixes and settings to work good enough for this model type. Here are some pictures, a video demo.

The gliders has 6 channels, and a Assan mini 6ch receiver. Ok, do not do like me, use a more long range receiver. The mini is supposed to be 500-800m range, which can be limited for big gliders. I did not fly very far, but did not had any problem with that configuration.

RCHv2 has been configured to make those mix working: butterfly (airbrake with flaps+ailerons), flaps (with flaps to ailerons), and snap flap (elevator to flaps & ailerons).

See this video foa a demo of those mix.

And also, I was lucky today. After 30 minutes fly, my receiver battery went below 3.2v ! The cells were too old obviously, my fault I should have replaced them. But I was very lucky to be able to bring back without damage the glider, with only 2 mm movement on one aileron and flap. Elevator was still working fortunately. And Assan receiver mini-6 worked still nicely even at a so low voltage, and *without* condensator. Well done Assan !

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