21 mai 2009

Home made RC for the summer and travels

Here is my new home made RC. It features 8 channels, a module 2.4Ghz Assan for transmission, configuration by PC, Micro SD 2GB, mixers, and settings fully configurable by the software.
The transmitter box and sticks comes from low cost transmitter (could have been a RC joystick).
The microprocessor is an AVR Atmega 644P, and the software is my own called RCHv2. My brand new flying wing "weasel" will be the beta tester. More to come soon...

2 commentaires:

ian a dit…

Hi, I think this is great!
I have used the XBee devices and wondered about using them like this for a student project (I lecture computer technology)
You beat me to it!
Excellent stuff :)

Olivier Bordes a dit…

Xbee can be used also of course. Instead of sending a PPM signal to some IO pin, you just need to send bytes sequences to an USART connected to the XBEE. That's what I did for the first version of the radio (September in the blog).