25 mars 2009


The software of RCHv2 is growing slowly by surely :) After many thoughts, I decided that the configuration of the mixers will be done through "xml" like commands. "xml" is a structured language to specify datas, very useful when datas start to be complex and a lot imbricated. And this is the case with the software of the radio, because I wanted it to be powerfull and generic enough to allow users to do powerfull mix without headaches. If I fail, then I will provide 'aspirin' to anyone who wants to build and use an RCH system :)

So, given that there is a lot to do to reach that objective, I am trying to proceed small steps by small steps, which is not always obvious. My next step is to allow the configuration of RCHv2 from a PC with an XML configuration file.
You should say "ok, but what's the benefit of that ? " answer is: to be able to provide almost any kind of parameters to the radio, thus to allow to program anything. You could argue that "xml" has a cost, and that it takes SRAM ressources as well as CPU. Answer: Yes that's not wrong, but I 'll give a try on an AVR8bits, and I am pretty sure that CPU resources will be very small, and that there will be still sufficient SRAM memory to proceed.
Once config from XML will work, it will be a great step forward.
I have also planned to add a second avr644P for LCD and keyboard handling.

Please comment, if you think what I am doing is stupid, obvious, or bad way, thanks in advance :)

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