27 février 2009

Transmitter case alu prototype

The transmitter case is almost finished. This is a prototype made with alumininium and epoxy plate (printed ciruit plate). If someone is interested, I can explain in another post how I built it. From the initial drawing, there have been some changes, such as dimensions.
But it is close to what was designed with Styro , except the round corners.

Knob unders the sticks are use both as trims, and as input for the lcd interface. It is planned also to add encoding wheel.
Stick are those of a Futaba FC18 with their trims removed. Mechanical trims under the sticks have finally little use, so they have been replaced by kind of "auto-trim" or preferably what I call "obo" trim.

Sides where hands hold the radio, are rounded. It is more comfortable to hold the radio, and to move the hands near the stick.

This case is mainly for pilots who use inches on (pouces dessus).
The display is a classical graphical lcd 128x64 and it sits between the stick as there is not enough space above, due to the compacity of the case.

Overall weight of the case is reasonable and should be fine when electronic and batteries will be in.

To make a size comparison with the Futaba T12Z, the case is larger but less long, and thiner than the 12Z. It feels also very comfortable in hands compared to the 12Z.

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Anonyme a dit…

Tres bon!

Anonyme a dit…

Where did you get your joysticks?

Olivier Bordes a dit…

Joysticks are the ones of a FC18.

Anonyme a dit…


I'm interested in building of your transmitter case.
Please explain a little how you build it. Please include case dimensions as well.
It looks very nice and shiny :)

Good job!