11 novembre 2008

Transmitter & LCD prototype

Here are some pictures of the transmitter+LCD prototype. I reused an old LCD that I got from an old network equipment, so it is a bit ugly ;).

The LCD is removable from the transmitter. The idea is to insert the LCD display in the transmitter for the setup of the plane. When the setup is complete, the LCD display can be removed, and go flying with just the transmitter and no lcd.

There are 4 small switches to control the programming also connected to the Arduino board.

The LCD is soledered on a protoboard and a 16 pins connector is added. The 16 pins connectors inserted into the female glued inside the transmitter.
The control of the LCD is done by the Arduino with only 7 pins: 4 bits for data and 3 bits for control. ins. The switches use also 4 pins on the Arduino.

The next step is to write some software for the some basic settings of the plane (neutral, course).

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