21 octobre 2008

More details

The transmitter is based on a Arduino Diecemilla with an Xbee shield and an Xbee pro. Stick are connected to the Diecemilla though a small board. The +5V and the ground wires are directly soldered on the Arduino and distributed to each stick through the small board (red and blue wire on the picture).

On the Shield, jumper must be set to PWR and XBEE.

The large vertical board above the battery is just to keep the Power Switch in place, there is no use at all of the electronic on this board. 5 cells are fine to power the Diecemilla and the Xbee.

The Xbees are preconfigured through a small adaptor board connected to the PC by USB. Baud rate must be set to 38400, no parity, 8 bits, no flow control. The rest of the settings can be found on the excellent french site o24rcp for the transmitter and for the receiver.

For the receiver, an Sparkfun Wee is connected to an XBEE: TX to RX, RX to TX, +3.3V and ground. Power is done by a 4.8v and a regulator to 3.3v, and digital output 0 to 6 to control the servos.

The software can be downloaded with avr-dude. Here is the hex image for the transmitter and for the receiver.
Protocol bewteen the 2 Xbees currently use 5 bytes including a CRC.

Have fun, do not hesitate to send me questions or tell me your feedback if you made something out of that.

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