10 juillet 2019

IMU 9250 + teensy

The idea is to use a modern and efficient 9Dofs  IMU , together with a 32 bits CPU, more powerfull than a simple Arduino.  Thi idea it to make an very powerfull and precise IMU for use n RC models or in rockets, and any robots.

I wanted also to use Quaternion and DMP for best possible capabilities of the chip.
Included on the same board of the MPU9250, there is also a BMP280, planned for later use..


Wiring to MPU9250+BMP280:

Use Sparkfun MPU9250 DMP Arduino library:  https://github.com/sparkfun/SparkFun_MPU-9250-DMP_Arduino_Library

As Teensy 3.2 use a new I2C library (i2c_t3), just replace "wiring.h" by "i2c_t3.h" in all library  files (only 2 currently) from the sparkfun library.

Install the SparkFun_MPU-9250-DMP_Arduino_Library in the librarie folder of Arduino (Users/xxx/Documents/Arduino/libraries)

The launch Arduino and from examples run the sketch MPU9250_DMP_Quaternion and see the output with the serial monitor (configure serial link as Teensy serial and NOT teensy port)